Rías Baixas

Located at the heart of the most important tourist area of the Rías Baixas in Galicia and close to magnificent Blue Flag beaches such as A Lanzada, Silgar, or Montalvo, our hotel offers all the amenities of a great hotel. Our regional cuisine will tantalize your palate with the most exquisite Galician flavors, bringing you closer to our most traditional customs.

The Ría Mar Hotel is very close to other towns of great tourist interest such as O Grove, Sanxenxo, and Cambados. Located in the center of the Rías Baixas, it allows access to the cities of Santiago de Compostela and Vigo in less than an hour.


Just 6 km from Hotel Ría Mar, you can enjoy one of the main beaches of Sanxenxo: Silgar Beach, with 800 meters in length, and deserving year after year of the Blue Flag award from the European Union. Visit the “Corveiro”, a rock where the famous sculpture of La Madama is located, and La Punta del Vicaño, stroll along its promenade, and bathe in its calm and crystalline waters.

A Lanzada Beach is located just 5 km away, with over 2 km of white sand, and considered one of the best beaches in the Rías Baixas. It features points of interest such as the Tower of A Lanzada, the Castro of A Lanzada, and the Hermitage of Our Lady of A Lanzada. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy surfing, as well as windsurfing, thanks to its large waves.


Located 12 km away is this beautiful fishing village, declared a Cultural Heritage Site. You will be amazed by its old town, built on a granite block that the ancient inhabitants used as building material, with references dating back to the 12th century, and one of the best examples you can find of rural architecture in Galicia.

Visit its small church, some of the seven stone crosses, admire its more than 60 granaries, 30 of them lined up along the estuary, and the picturesque fishermen’s houses, known as ‘Casas Mariñeiras’. Don’t miss the wonderful panoramic views of Combarro from Padrón Beach, and have fun at its Feast of the Virgin of Carmen, celebrated on July 16th.

La Toja

Just 10 km away, connected to the town of O Grove by a beautiful bridge from the early 20th century, lies the Isle of La Toja, declared a National Tourist Center of Interest and one of the most famous islands in Galicia, thanks to its medicinal waters, thermal mud baths, natural surroundings, and wide range of tourist offerings.

Visit the Hermitage of San Sebastián, consecrated to San Caralampio and the Virgin of Carmen, completely covered today with scallop shells. Take a walk along its promenade or through the trails of the Isla de La Toja Forest Park, where you can breathe fresh air among pine forests. Relax on its beaches and go on an excursion on one of its catamarans to explore the surroundings of the island.

A Illa de Arousa

20 km away lies this wonderful paradise, the island of the Ría de Arosa. Discover its natural richness in the surroundings of the lighthouse, Isla Areoso, and the Carreirón Natural Park, classified as a special protection area for birds due to the populations of herons. Take a stroll along the docks of El Campo, Chazo, and Cabodeiro. Find relaxation on some of its idyllic beaches such as El Área da Secada, La Lavanqueira, El Bao, Camaxe, Carreirón, Espiñeiro, and O Cabodeiro.

Contemplate the village from El Mirador del Santo, the highest point of the island, and enjoy a 360-degree view of almost the entire estuary from Punta Cabalo. Visit San Julián de la Isla de Arousa, the only parish on the island, and don’t miss its Seafood Festival during the month of August.